Goodbye For Now!

Hello Dear Readers,


After much deliberation, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to say goodbye to One Trailing Spouse.  I have enjoyed blogging, and I feel so lucky to have had so many supportive readers.  But now that Trailing Baby has arrived, my time is more limited.  I just don’t feel like I can keep up with the blog any more, so instead of letting it die a long, slow death, I’m going to put it out of its misery.  :)


All my old posts will be available for the next few weeks (while I figure out how to dismantle this thing).  Read, reminisce, and know that I’ll miss you all!





My brother and his fiance attempted the "jump onto someone else's board" trick.  In case you were wondering how that turned out- one of them fell in.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Hood River, Oregon

Hood River, Oregon is known as the wind-surfing capital of the world.  But, after determining that wind surfing has a serious learning curve, and realizing that we were in Hood River on a rare windless day, we decided to try stand up paddle boarding instead.  Read more »

In case you need another look at the flavor list...

Salt and Straw: Delicious Ice Cream in Portland, Oregon

I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur.  Here are what I deem my qualifications: I’m willing to try any flavor, but I’m very picky about my favorites; I have made my own chocolate-covered bacon ice cream before; and I’ve thoroughly evaluated and rejected two of my local ice cream parlors.  (FYI- One is too expensive for what you get, and the other does not include enough mix-ins in.  For example, it’s easy to confuse the Oreo cookie ice cream with the vanilla because there are so few Oreos mixed into the Oreo cookie ice cream.)

While planning our self-guided foodie tour of Portland, Oregon, my husband suggested we visit Salt and Straw, a self-described farm-to-cone ice cream shop.  Read more »

wine bottles

Wine Tasting in Hood River, Oregon

Oregon is home to many wineries, and during our trip to Hood River, Oregon, we visited The Gorge White House.  While they didn’t offer a winery tour, which I would have loved, there was still plenty to enjoy on site. Read more »

road trip

Baby’s First Road Trip

While my husband was away, the Trailing Baby and I took our first road trip.  I was definitely nervous to hit the road with a six week old, especially since I hate road trips without a six week old.  The trip went well though, and it was worth it to meet up with my sister and her husband.

The weather was clear for much of the drive, and Trailing Baby was in an excellent mood.  She looked around the car and played with her hands for a solid half hour before falling asleep.  She only woke once, and it was conveniently 2 miles before a roadside stop on the highway.  We stopped to eat and use the bathroom before completing our 3.5 hour drive to Columbia, South Carolina. Read more »