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Here I Go Again

Book Review: Here I Go Again

Last year, soon after I started my blog, I wrote a short review of Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster.  I really enjoyed Lancaster’s memoir about transitioning from her fancy job, to unemployment, to self-employment as a blogger and writer.  When I recently was offered the chance to read and review Lancaster’s newest [...]

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The Places We Return To

Do you or your family have a vacation spot that you return to, year after year?  Usually, I like to visit new places, but there is one special vacation spot that I keep returning to with my family, with my husband, and hopefully with our baby after it’s born. For me, that place is Cannon [...]


It’s Januray, and I Wish I Were at the Beach

Even though it’s been sunny in Atlanta, and even though the temperature has hit 60 and 70 degrees a few times, I’m still dreaming about the beach.  Actually, I should be more specific, since I was technically at a beach last weekend (stay tuned for posts about that).  What I’m dreaming about is a nice, [...]

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The Cheesy Tourist Highlights of Chattanooga, Tennessee

My husband and I visited Chattanooga, Tennessee last summer, just before we went to Kenya and I never wrote much about it.  Here are the belated touristy highlights: Ruby Falls “Remember, the lights will be on for how long?” asked our tour guide. “Five and a half minutes,” our group shouted back in unison. We [...]

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“I feel like a local” Highlights of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Last summer, just before leaving for Kenya, my husband and I went to Chattanooga, Tennessee and I never really wrote about it.  (I got too caught up in Kenya.)  Here is the belated scoop on this fabulous city.