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Five Tips for Planning A Babymoon Trip

If it’s been a while (or never) since you or your significant other were pregnant, you might not be familiar with the term “babymoon”.  As far as I can tell, a babymoon refers to the last hurrah of a vacation you take as a couple before having a child.  I think it’s also a fancy [...]

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Reliving the 1996 Olympics at the Atlanta History Center

I recently wrote about how I occasionally get free admission to museums.  In an effort to practice what I preach, I took advantage of a free museum day and visited the Atlanta History Center.  It was really neat to learn more about my new city; I especially loved the exhibit about the 1996 Summer Olympics [...]

By: Will Clayton

Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Today is my blog’s birthday!  The blog is one year old, which to me seems very old for something on the interwebs.  Blogging has helped me meet new friends, try new things, and keep a record of all my adventures.  Here are some highlights.   In the past year, I have…


There’s Nothing Better Than Free Museums

Museum admission prices never cease to amaze me.  After visiting almost all of the fabulous Smithsonian museums for FREE in college, I have a hard time paying $20 to get into a museum.  As a result, I’m always on the hunt for free museums.  Here are some of my favorite ways to get free admission [...]


Hobbies for Small Spaces

My husband and I have been trying out lots of new hobbies lately.  One lesson we’ve learned the hard way is that it’s important to find a hobby that fits in the space you have.  For example, we live in a 900 square foot apartment, which will soon be home to both of us and [...]