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By: Alejandro  Martinez

Awkward Maternity Photos

An awesome friend has volunteered to take some maternity photos for my husband and I.  Since I’m not sure if I’ll have more kids, I’m excited to document this potentially once-in-a-lifetime moment with nice looking photos, and not just selfies taken in the reflection of my bathroom mirror. In my excitement over the photo shoot, [...]

By: Gareth Williams

The Pressures Facing an Expat Couple – And How To Combat Them (Part II)

Today I would like to share the second part of the guest post written by The Expat Hub.  Their writers have put together some great advice about how couples can overcome the pressure of moving abroad.  (Again, I think this is great advice for any couple facing a transition.)  If you want to read their [...]

By: couscouschocolat

The Pressures Facing An Expat Couple – And How To Combat Them

Please welcome my guests, the fabulous writers over at The Expat Hub.  The Expat Hub is a great portal for anyone who is planning to move abroad.  They’ve got a blog, country guides, emigration guides, and a forum so that you can ask other expats questions that no one else can answer.  They offered to [...]

By: birgerking

How Do I Manage My Baby’s Social Media Presence?

Social media freaks me out.  This might surprise you, since I blog, tweet, use Facebook and generally spend a lot of time on social media.  Mainly, I worry that things I post on the internet could have serious consequences:  what if I lose out on a job opportunity because a potential employer doesn’t agree with [...]

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Fun for Pregnant Ladies in Durango, Colorado

I recently went to visit my mom in Durango, Colorado for a week.  Normally when I visit, we do tons of fun outdoorsy things like ride bikes, cross-country and downhill ski, ice skate, and snow shoe.  In fact, as a fairly lazy and warm-blooded creature, I get an entire year’s worth of outdoor activity during [...]