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Vaccinations for Kenya

One of the first tasks I tackled on my Going to Kenya To Do list was getting my vaccinations.  That’s because vaccinations are easy– you do a little research, go to the doctor, and you’re done.  It’s not nearly as difficult as subletting an apartment. First, I tried to compare my multiple vaccination cards with [...]

On Poetry

I am a guest blogger over at the fabulous blog Crazy, Poetic Life.  Check out a few poems I wrote and my musings on what I’ve learned from poetry.

By: MllePeterson

The Welcome Wagon: blueberry buckle vs. coupons

When a new family moved into our neighborhood in Maine, my mom would always stop by their house with homemade blueberry buckle or some other delicious treat to welcome them.  Ahh, the good old days… No one has done anything like that in the five times that I’ve moved recently. (My husband says that outside [...]


We’re Going to Kenya!

My spouse and I are moving to Kenya for a few months this summer!  He got a temporary assignment through his work, and we’ll be staying in Nairobi.  We don’t know exactly when we are going, or how long we will be there, but I’m very excited. Here’s what I’m looking forward to: visiting a [...]


New Orleans Food highlights

New Orleans is known for it’s food.  Here are all the delicious local treats we sampled last weekend:  If it looks like all we did in New Orleans was eat, that’s because it’s almost all we did… Eat and walk around the city.  And we happened to be in town during the French Quarter Festival, [...]