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Links for Readers, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People (7)

Here are some highlights from the web this week: Top 10 Literary Quotes from The Simpsons- In high school, I used to watch The Simpsons every Sunday night with one of my best friends, so I have a soft spot for all things Simpson.  These literary quotes prove that the show is still one of [...]


Finding Friends in Nairobi, Kenya

Our first week in Nairobi, I knew one person:  my husband.  Needless to say, I felt lonely and un-tethered.   Now, we’ve been here three weeks and our social life is blossoming. What I’ve discovered is that there are plenty of expats who want to travel, explore, or just hang out.  We met a lovely bunch [...]


Mt. Longonot: The Saga Continues

After getting lost, off-roading in our minivan, and being asked for a bribe, we eventually made it to Mt. Longonot.  It just took three times longer than we expected.  At least after being cramped in an overcrowded mini van for more than three hours, we were all ready to hike. Mt. Longonot is actually a [...]


Getting to Mt. Longonot: A Lesson in Patience

Last Sunday, my spouse and I decided to go on a hike.  We had met a group of fellow hikers through a facebook group and we arranged to meet at 7 a.m. in the parking lot of the mall next door to our apartment. By 7:10, we had squeezed into a mini van for the [...]


Links for Writers, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People (6)

Some great links from the past week: Why Small Batch Canning is Awesome (And What You Need to Get Started)- My husband and I have done a lot of canning and have been really pleased with the results.  We eat fresh, homemade jams, pickles, and sauces year round and we have a handy supply of [...]