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Why I Call Myself a “Trailing Spouse”

I’ve noticed that in the world of trailing spouses, “trailing” has become a bad word.  People, books, websites, and companies often use the euphemism “accompanying,” or just flat out don’t mention the spouse who comes along for the ride. I think it’s nonsense. According to the wikipedia dictionary: “the term ‘trailing spouse’ is used to [...]


Links for Trailing Spouses and Other Wonderful People (10)

Great links for bakers, students, and home owners: New Studies Link Study Abroad to On-Time Graduation- I’m a big proponent of study abroad, probably because I had such a great time in South Africa and Ghana during my junior year of college.  This article reports on several university studies that link study abroad to on-time [...]

A final, parting beach shot.

A Weekend in Mombasa, Kenya

Last week, I mentioned how we took The Lunatic Express to Mombasa, a city on Kenya’s coast.  Now I need to mention how much I LOVED Mombasa. Mombasa is a major port city on the East African coast, and has been for centuries.  As a result, traders and business people from East Africa, Southeast Asia, [...]


Letting Go of Trailing Spouse Guilt

For me, one of the challenges of being a trailing spouse is finding the balance between being satisfied with my life and feeling guilty about it. My life is generally wonderful.  I have a fantastic spouse and a supportive family.  I don’t have to work, so I can pursue projects that interest me.  I get [...]


Public Transportation: U.S. vs. Kenya

Now that I take public transportation regularly, I am noticing the similarities and differences between Kenyan public transportation and U.S. public transportation. Public Transportation Similarities If you are on public transportation, there will be at least one smelly person near you.  Or maybe I just have a sensitive nose… Personal space is at a premium.  [...]