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My Battle With the Bata Shoe Store

Friends and family often ask if we need them to send us anything, and we always say, “No, you can get just about anything you need in Nairobi.” Well, after visiting seven Bata shoe stores, I stand corrected.  You cannot get size 5 Patapata flats. Here’s the story: I found these awesome shoes at Bata, [...]


Our Happy Anniversary Hot Air Balloon Ride

The traditional gift for a second wedding anniversary is cotton.  Various websites recommend that couples buy each other plush bathrobes, 800-thread count sheets, or cutesy pillow covers. For our second wedding anniversary, we were having none of that.  (Although my husband, the consummate shopper, probably wishes I had bought him a bathrobe.) Instead, we went [...]


The Crazy Characters You Meet On Safari

One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting other travelers and hearing their stories.  We’ve been on several short safaris in Kenya, and have met interesting people from around the world.     Here are some of the craziest characters we’ve met so far: A woman who brought not one, but two cell phones [...]

By: Kees Romkes

Links for Healthy Eaters, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People (13)

Here’s a selection of links from the past week that I found especially helpful.  Enjoy! 25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas- Bananas are everywhere in Kenya, and I especially love the tiny, sweet ones, which are harder to find in the U.S.  Now I have 25 reasons to feel good when I eat one! Get [...]

By: Konstantinos Dafalias

How It Feels to Almost Be Robbed

As many of you know, I take public transportation in Nairobi, despite the warnings of many expats and the U.S. Embassy.  I prefer the buses, because they are more spacious, and in my mind, safer, but I ride on the matatus (minibuses) too.  I’ve been getting pretty confident in my public transport-riding ways, jetting around [...]