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By: Denise Krebs

Links for Writers, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People

Writers:  here are some great links with writing tips and suggestions for finding book blogs.  Plus, a few more gems for your reading enjoyment! “Make Sure You Read a Lot of Books”:  Writing Rules from Zadie Smith- Zadie Smith, the famed British author, offers 10 practical tips for writers.  My favorite:  Work on a computer [...]


Carnivore Restaurant: A Meat-Lover’s Paradise

When you go to a restaurant called Carnivore, you expect to eat a lot of meat.  And at Carnivore in Nairobi, you will. We went to Carnivore when my friend Meg was visiting because it’s one of the most famous restaurants in Nairobi.  (We had to show off our new city!)  Meg had read about [...]

Nessie met her match

The Cynical Traveler versus The Generous Traveler

I’m a cynical traveler.  Part of this rests in my own personality:  I’m a cynical person.  Part of this rests in my travel history:  after spending more than 2 years living in foreign countries, I’ve been taken advantage of enough times to be constantly skeptical and on guard. I still get caught out- like that [...]


The Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

When we decided to visit Ethiopia, my husband insisted that we go to Lalibela. He had heard about the town back when he studied religion as an undergraduate.  He said it was famous for its churches. Once we arrived, I could see why. Lalibela’s churches are monolithic rock-cut churches, which means each church was hand-carved [...]

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Links for Teachers, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People (16)

This week’s round-up includes a few articles that show what life is like for trailing spouses, plus some education articles to get you thinking.  Enjoy! Is College A Lousy Investment? – More students are getting college degrees, even as the cost of those degrees is going up.  Is a college degree worth it?  Especially, if, [...]