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The Donkeys of Lamu

I love when towns have a signature quirk, and I’ve never seen a quirkier town than Lamu, Kenya.  Lamu’s quirk:  it’s overrun with donkeys!  Like that time we went to Ethiopia after the dictator died and his image snuck into all our photos, our photos in Lamu are haunted by donkeys.  Donkeys carrying sand on [...]

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Why LinkedIn Intimidates Me

My husband has been bugging me for weeks to make myself a LinkedIn profile, and I’ve been dragging my feet. When I was teaching, I never had a LinkedIn profile.  I had no trouble getting teaching jobs through my network in Rhode Island, and I didn’t know any other teachers on LinkedIn.  Now that I’m [...]

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Links for Entrepreneurs, Trailing Spouses, and Other Wonderful People (21)

Here are some inspiring posts for entrepreneurs, trailing spouses, and all you other wonderful people! Expat Entrepreneurs- My friend Edna has a great series on her blog where she interviews expat entrepreneurs.  For any trailing spouses or would-be entrepreneurs out there, this series can offer some inspiration and some encouragement! My 10 Year Journey to [...]

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5 Tips for Taking Awesome Jump Shot Photos

One of my long-time best friends visited me in Kenya recently.  We had a whirlwind, awesome time together and did tons of stuff that I hadn’t tried before (like eating ox balls).  In celebration of our awesomeness, we also perfected the jump shot. “The jump shot?” you ask.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, you [...]


How to Book a Safari

After planning and booking numerous safaris in Kenya, I’ve learned some lessons the hard way.  I’m happy to share those lessons with you so that if you get the chance to go on safari, you’ll have a smooth and affordable trip.  Cash is king. In the U.S., where credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, I [...]