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Coming to Terms with Trailing

Three weeks before we left Kenya, I got a big freelancing job.  It was going to take me about 9 weeks of full-time work to finish.  I was excited to be busy, and to be making some money, and to have something to help me transition back to the U.S. But now that I’m halfway [...]

By: Gideon

How to Pack for Back to Back Trips

If you’ve ever foolishly scheduled back to back trips, then you know how stressful it can be.  My husband and I recently moved back from Kenya to the U.S., and had 24 hours in Atlanta before embarking on a week-long road-trip.  Here’s what that experience taught me about packing for back to back trips.  I’d [...]


The Kazuri Bead Store and Factory Tour

One of my favorite places to shop in Nairobi is at the Kazuri Bead Factory.  In Kiswahili, the word kazuri means “small and beautiful” and it perfectly describes the hand-made ceramic beads.  When you shop at the factory, you even get to go on a complimentary tour.  It’s really neat to see how these beads [...]


Would You Take A Slum Tour?

If you’ve visited a developing country recently, you’ve probably heard of slum tourism.  In case you haven’t:  a slum tour is just what it sounds like, a tour of an impoverished area. Slum tourism isn’t new.  Back in the late 1800s, rich people in New York and London could take tours of the downtrodden neighborhoods [...]

Ethiopian basket

The Expert’s Guide to Buying Souvenirs

As you may have heard, my husband is an expert souvenir shopper.  Today, he is stopping by One Trailing Spouse to share his shopping and bargaining secrets with us.  Whether your traveling to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, or Africa, these expert tips will help you get the best deals with the least amount of stress.