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What Marriage Can Teach Us About Life

You’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Gilbert before.  She’s the author of Eat, Pray, Love, which is a memoir about how she ate, prayed and loved her way to recovery from a divorce.  In her post-divorce life, Gilbert met a new partner and even though they both swore they would never marry again, they had to [...]

By: Clare Bell

How NOT to Name Your Baby

I’m pregnant!  We’re having a baby!  (In case you need details: the baby is due in May.  I’m doing well, and so is the baby.  And so is my husband.) So far things have been going well, some nausea here, some insomnia there.  I lose things more often than I used to and often bump [...]

Christmas trees

Holiday Lights to Make Your Christmas Even Brighter

This is only my second Christmas in Atlanta, but I already have a favorite holiday tradition:  going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights exhibit. The Botanical Garden staff display more than a million Christmas lights on the various trees, shrubs, and flowers in the garden.  Carolers in matching outfits sing [...]

blue lights

Starting New Holiday Traditions

My husband and I usually travel during the holidays.  My dad lives in Maine, my mom and brother live in Colorado, and my sister lives in Washington.  My in-laws live in Virginia, and my sister-in-law lives in London.  Hence, if we want to spend the holidays with family, we travel. This year, for the first [...]


Learning to Love Bird Watching at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA

My husband got really interested in bird watching while we were in Kenya.  So when we stopped in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during our road trip, he decided that we needed to visit the National Aviary. Believe it or not, I loved it! When the birds are kept in small, self-contained rooms, it’s much easier to see [...]