Five Tips for Planning A Babymoon Trip

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If it’s been a while (or never) since you or your significant other were pregnant, you might not be familiar with the term “babymoon”.  As far as I can tell, a babymoon refers to the last hurrah of a vacation you take as a couple before having a child.  I think it’s also a fancy bit of marketing to get parents-to-be to feel like they need to splurge on a romantic getaway before a baby is born.

Of course, since my husband and I travel frequently anyway, it was only natural that we decided to call one of our trips a babymoon.  We went away for a long weekend together and focused on doing romantic and adult-centric things on this trip.  During the trip, I learned a few things about planning and traveling for a babymoon.  

Here are my top five tips for planning a babymoon trip:

1.  Think about your comfort

We decided to drive (and not too far) for this trip because my back has been bothering me a lot.  I didn’t want to be squished into a plane seat for hours.  Other pregnant ladies I know don’t have back problems, but they do have swelling feet or still get morning sickness each morning.  Plan ahead and bring compression socks for your swollen feet.  Stay at a hotel if you know you won’t be able to enjoy the rich breakfast at a Bed & Breakfast.

2.  Take it easy

Maybe there are some super energetic pregnant ladies out there who can play hard all day on vacation.  I am not one of those super energetic pregnant ladies.  I’m carrying around a lot of extra weight, my back hurts, and I get tired a lot more quickly.  I didn’t let this impede on our vacation though.  I made sure to book us at a very comfy and plush bed and breakfast, so that even relaxing and napping would feel like a treat.  I also planned one major activity every day.  That way I felt like I had “done” something touristy and fun every day.  My husband had a great time exploring the town on his own while I napped in the afternoons.

Also, eat ice cream whenever possible.

Also, eat ice cream whenever possible.

3.  Do things that aren’t child friendly

Once I have a baby, I still plan on taking vacations and eating out at restaurants.  I probably won’t be eating out at the fanciest restaurant in town though, which is why we made reservations to do just that on our babymoon trip.  We also stayed at a bed and breakfast that only allowed children ages 14 and up.  It was nice to have a very adult-centric trip together.

4.  Don’t forget about pregnancy restrictions

I would have loved to go to Disney World for a babymoon trip, but pregnant people aren’t supposed to go on any of my favorite rides.  Needless to say, I ditched that plan quickly.  Even on this trip, I had to remind myself on the food tour that I wasn’t supposed to eat raw oysters.  Lots of airlines and cruise ships won’t let you travel after a certain point in your pregnancy, so remember to do some research before you book anything, and keep all those pregnancy restrictions in mind.

My husband's fancy sushi platter.  Not pregnancy friendly.

My husband’s fancy sushi platter. Not pregnancy friendly.

5.  Don’t blow your budget

Now that I’ve started looking at baby stuff, I’m beginning to realize just how expensive it is to have a baby.  Even when you buy everything used, babies require a lot of stuff.  Pregnancy-related medical bills can add to the cost, as can a loss of income during maternity leave.  Feel free to splurge on a babymoon if you want to.  We certainly splurged on a fancy dinner on our trip.  If you’re worried about money though, consider going away for just one night to a romantic place within driving distance.  It’s always nice to feel like you’ve had a chance to “get away” with your significant other.

Have you been on a babymoon trip? What travel tips can you share?

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7 Responses to “Five Tips for Planning A Babymoon Trip”

  1. Julia Tomiak says:

    Yay! I’m glad you indulged! Where did you go? And is that picture of you eating ice cream (yes, always a good idea) from the trip, because you hardly look pregnant at all! So glad you got some time away. Will share these tips.

  2. Julia Tomiak says:

    Wait a minute. Not too far, squares clearly delineated on the map- was it Savannah? We spent a weekend at a B & B there BC (before children). Nice choice!

  3. We did the same thing as you and called a trip we had already planned our baby moon. It wasn’t super romantic since we went with my whole family but we did manage to steal away for some “us” time one of the days we were there.

    We went to Puerto Rico and concentrated on a relatively small area which was nice because it was easy to walk places and go back to the apartment and rest if I wanted to. It was also a nice short flight but still felt exotic and special.

  4. Ashley says:

    We babymooned before Lila was born. We went to a Sandals resort in Jamaica. I’m not a resort-y person but it was nice to get away and relax for a few days before craziness ensued. It was also a couple days after I found out my teaching position was being cut, so I definitely needed some time to unwind. I wanted to go somewhere as a family of three before Simon joined us but time got away from us.

    I’m excited to hear about your adventures once Baby McGee is here!

    • Emily says:

      There’s definitely a time and place for a resort. That’s what we did for our honeymoon when we didn’t have much time to get away and wanted everything to be easy and taken care of for us. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to take a family-of-three trip. I’m sure once Simon is a little bit bigger you’ll have lots of adventures with the whole fam. Plus, it sounds like you all get to escape to Sugarloaf every once in a while, which is great!

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