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Making Friends Through Friends

We’re back in Atlanta after more than 5 months away, and it’s time to get back on the friend-making wagon.  Or at least on the in-person-friend-making wagon.  (I’ve discovered that one of the best parts of having a blog is that I now have awesome web-based friends.  I just wish you all lived in Atlanta!) [...]


4 Reasons Why I Have No Local Friends

We’ve been in Kenya for two months, and I don’t have any Kenyan friends.  Sometimes I feel sad or guilty about it (I mean, I live here, how do I have no local friends!).  But when I think more deeply, I can understand why none of my friends in Kenya are Kenyan.  Here’s why: 1.  [...]


Four Strategies for Meeting International Friends in a New Country

A blog reader emailed me last week– she recently moved to China with her husband and has been feeling a bit lonely.  She asked if I had any advice about making new friends in a new country.  I’ve found that many of my strategies for making friends in the U.S. don’t work well here in [...]


On Learning Kiswahili

Before we arrived in Kenya, I decided I would take a kiswahili class (Kiswahili and English are the two official languages of Kenya).  I had three main goals:  to get out of the house, to meet people, and to learn a little bit of a new language.  I have a lovely bunch of new friends [...]


Finding Friends in Nairobi, Kenya

Our first week in Nairobi, I knew one person:  my husband.  Needless to say, I felt lonely and un-tethered.   Now, we’ve been here three weeks and our social life is blossoming. What I’ve discovered is that there are plenty of expats who want to travel, explore, or just hang out.  We met a lovely bunch [...]