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By: birgerking

How Do I Manage My Baby’s Social Media Presence?

Social media freaks me out.  This might surprise you, since I blog, tweet, use Facebook and generally spend a lot of time on social media.  Mainly, I worry that things I post on the internet could have serious consequences:  what if I lose out on a job opportunity because a potential employer doesn’t agree with [...]


The Battle to Not Buy Too Much Baby Stuff

I just started the third trimester of my pregnancy.  My belly, especially when clothed in horizontal stripes, is getting big.  I groan and grunt when I have to stand up or bend over.  My husband tried to carry me to bed one night and nearly dropped me because I’m so much heavier than he remembered.  [...]

By: J. Money

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Pregnant Friend

I’ve heard stories about the crazy things that strangers say to pregnant ladies, but I haven’t experienced any of that yet.  Even though I’m 21 weeks pregnant, most people still can’t tell.  Between my layers of winter clothing and the average fatness of the general American population, apparently I just look chubby, not 5 months [...]

By: Clare Bell

How NOT to Name Your Baby

I’m pregnant!  We’re having a baby!  (In case you need details: the baby is due in May.  I’m doing well, and so is the baby.  And so is my husband.) So far things have been going well, some nausea here, some insomnia there.  I lose things more often than I used to and often bump [...]