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By: Frank de Kleine

Why I’m Glad I Got Pregnant in Kenya

You may have heard I’m pregnant.  It’s true!  And you might have done the calculations and figured out that I got pregnant in Kenya.  Also true!  It was all part of our grand plan.  Here’s why I’m glad I got pregnant in Kenya.

By: U.S. Department of Agriculture

5 Things I Miss About the U.S.

We’re leaving Kenya soon, and I must say, it’s been a great trip.  I’ve ridden on the “Lunatic Express,” visited the ancient ruins of a Swahili society, and tried a hot air balloon safari.  Now that the end is in sight though, I’m looking forward to getting back to the U.S. Here are 5 things [...]

Life in Maine-- the grass wasn't always greener...

How I Keep My Nostalgia Firmly Rooted in Reality

I have a nostalgia problem.  In my memory, events from the past are happier, more fun, and more rewarding than they really were.  And as a trailing spouse, this nostalgia is something I am always trying to overcome. I am generally happy with my life, but on the off-days, when I’m feeling a little depressed, [...]

Who puts handrails on a bridge anyway?

Photo Fails

My mom is loaning us her digital SLR camera (aka “the fancy camera”) while we are in Kenya.  The fancy camera arrived just before we went to Chattanooga, Tennessee last weekend, so we decided to take it for a test run.  We assumed that fancy camera = awesome pictures.  As you can see, we were [...]

A Few Packing Necessities

Of course, I packed the usual stuff for Kenya (clothes, toiletries, my Kindle).  Here are a few less obvious, but still essential, things that I packed.