Three Things Every Bed and Breakfast Needs

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My husband and I took our babymoon trip to Savannah, Georgia during a busy long weekend right after Valentine’s Day.  As a result, it was difficult for us to find a place to stay.  There was no room at the Inn, as they say.

Finally, we found one bed and breakfast with one available room.  It was more expensive than we had hoped for, but we decided to splurge.  And we were glad we did.  This place was like my dream come true.  It had a multi-course, gourmet breakfast, and the softest sheets I’ve ever slept on.  These sheets were so soft that my husband got into bed, then immediately pick up his iDevice to find out if he could buy a set of the sheets for our house.  (He could, but the price made the sheets a little bit less appealing.)

The bed and breakfast also had three other features that I believe every high-quality B & B needs:

1.  A tiny mascot

My husband and I don’t have any pets, partly because we travel a lot and move a lot, but also because I don’t like pets.  I will pretend to like pets, and I will be happy that you have a pet, but I do not want a pet of my own.  What I discovered at the Azalea Inn was that when a pet is tiny, cute, and belongs to someone else, I have a much higher tolerance.  Enter Joey- the world’s tiniest dog and the mascot for the B & B where we stayed.  I put this dog on my lap.  I pet it.  I snuck it a piece of my bacon at breakfast.  It was the cutest dog ever!  If being on vacation means getting out of your normal routine, then I am happy to stay at a place with a tiny mascot like Joey.

Hanging with Joey, the tiniest dog ever.

Hanging with Joey, the tiniest dog ever.

2.  Happy Hour

When I’m on vacation, I work up a big appetite.  All that walking, and touring, and absorbing new information requires much more energy than my usual day of sitting at my computer in my “day pajamas” (to distinguish them from my “night pajamas,” which I sleep in.  That’s right, I change every morning…into another set of pajamas.)  Anyway, I am a big snacker, especially while on vacation.  Luckily, our B & B could accommodate my needs with their daily happy hour.  They served fruit, cheese and crackers, a hot appetizer and beverages.  (Wine for the husband, sparkling juice for me.)  It was fantastic!  Bonus:  it was also a great time to chat with other people staying at the Inn and get advice on what to do and where to eat in the city.

Enjoying my snacks and sparkling juice.

Enjoying my snacks and sparkling juice.

3.  Daily Desserts

Every night when we came home from dinner, a freshly baked dessert awaited us.  It got to the point where, much to my husband’s chagrin, I was more excited about the dessert than I was about the fancy dinner we were going to.  We had creamy lemon bars, red velvet cake, and white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies.  When there happened to be leftover desserts available the next morning, I even had a dessert with my breakfast.  As you do.  Any hotel or B & B worth it’s salt should institute a daily dessert, wouldn’t you agree? velvet cake.

Mmm…red velvet cake.

These are high standards to hold, but in the future, I will be on the lookout for hotels and B & B’s with these amenities.  At the very least, I will pack my own cheese and crackers for an impromptu happy hour.

What do you look for when you splurge on fancy accommodation?

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4 Responses to “Three Things Every Bed and Breakfast Needs”

  1. Gerry Wilson says:

    Looks wonderful, Emily! I love B &Bs; that’s our stay of choice wherever we can find them. And I agree with all three “must-haves.” I’m glad to know about this inn. Will check it out. Thanks!

  2. Abby says:

    Fresh desserts every night? How could you ever leave?

    I look for an excellent breakfast when splurging…there is nothing better. Except maybe daily desserts.

  3. Em,

    I’m sooo with you on the dessert thing! We stayed at a hotel recently that had a nightly 4-6pm *free for guests* wine and dessert happy hour, and it was the best thing ever :)

    Also, I could not love Savannah more. So jealous of your stay!

  4. Julia Tomiak says:

    I’m with you on the snacking. We have recently discovered that we love Embassy Suites for the awesome breakfasts and the 5-7 complimentary happy hour. Granted, the Suites don’t have the ambiance of a B&B, but when we’re traveling with our four children for soccer tournaments, a glass of wine is greatly appreciated by 6pm!

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